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      Glorious Day

      Glorious Day

      Afro Samurai

      Album: Afro Samurai Soundtrack

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      Afro Samurai - Glorious Day Música y Letra

      [Chorus: Dexter Wiggles]
      I thought I'd never, see the sun
      I thought it never shine again
      Then the sun came, back round again
      Since you came in my life and then
      Like there was no clouds, stand on water
      Glory came to shine again
      It's a glorious dayyyyyyyyyyy
      Yo, they say great minds think alike, we used to drink all night
      Think about things that's wrong and how to make it right
      Ice cold bottles of brass, and time flashes
      A hundred blunts passes, before the God askes
      What's the square miles of the planet, why is the axis slanted?
      How much is covered by water, how much is granite?
      Every second is the past, every second is the future
      Every second is the present, how long does it last?
      True I Master Equality, God Body be
      Flowing like the Chi energy, inside your arterries
      Hand design jewels and rhymes, like fine potery
      Even if you went ten time platinum and struck lottery
      All the material that you gain in this world
      Wouldn't match the price of a snowflake in hell
      Bobby, did it all, boy, before you was born
      Ya'll front like ya'll thugs, but ya'll niggas be pawn
      Whether million or billion, or trillion, or quadrillion
      Or quintillion, or even six sextillion
      We still be building, revealing the truth
      All the knowledge that these devils be concealing, it wont stop til
      Every soul is killed, then, and healed then
      Opressed by the pen, serve the clip, angel wings
      Only to be awoken by a Killa Bee sting
      Injected with the venom of truth, I defend the youth
      The black choppers, I spot 'em through the circle
      Go 'head, bust my whip, snake, my shit is gun proof
      But the darkest spot in your mind's not sunproof
      Here comes the proof, son, we present the proof
      [Chorus 2X]

      Afro Samurai - Glorious Day Música y Letra



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